The Second Screen is Now the First Screen

We’re getting deeper into the London 2012 Olympics and the interesting thing is how much social media is impacting mainstream coverage. Much of the exciting action is actually taking place away from the¬†field, track, court, or pool. It is happening on Twitter. From athletes being banned for controversial tweets to journalists being banned for criticizing…

(Un)Olympic Spirit

This is the response from Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer for NBC to #NBCFail, a Twitter topic started by frustrated viewers of tape delayed Olympic events. It’s 2012 and we are living in a world where consumers expect and demand live coverage of any newsworthy event. Everything from presidential speeches to awards shows to major…

Social Media is Like a Bar of Wet Soap

Social media is like a bar of wet soap. The harder you squeeze, the less control you have. The London 2012 Olympic committee have outlined what people will be able to access and publish through social networks during the Games. That’s all fine, but enforcing it is a fool’s errand.