What is your intention?

Not sure what to build? Here’s something to get you started.

Smarter not Bigger

Sometimes the Big Idea means turning small ideas into smarter ones. Clients often want to be impressed with a big huge concept that can take months and months if not years to bring to market. Instead of thinking big and brand new, try iterating and expanding on what works. Here is the R/GA approach to…

People not Politics

The world is generating data quicker than it can consume it. The world is generating far more data at a pace much higher than ever before. This is all great, except that data is meaningless without context. I’m a big fan of using data visualization to derive new insights. And when the insights can be…

Consider the Source (of Money)

Not all money is created equal. Sometimes less money can mean a whole lot more.

Mobile Payment Parade

It’s been over a year since Google Wallet came onto the market. Since then, there has been some traction with some vendors supporting it. While device support hasn’t been as broad, Apple’s inclusion of Passbook into the forthcoming iOS 6 will undoubtedly make mobile payment more mainstream. Microsoft has also gotten into the game with…

(Un)Olympic Spirit

This is the response from Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer for NBC to #NBCFail, a Twitter topic started by frustrated viewers of tape delayed Olympic events. It’s 2012 and we are living in a world where consumers expect and demand live coverage of any newsworthy event. Everything from presidential speeches to awards shows to major…

The Influence Game

Companies often use Klout to prioritize their responses to customers. In theory, it’s an objective, quick and straightforward way of doing so. Afterall, when you’re doing business in social platforms, you need to take care of your biggest fans first right? Wrong. It’s not that simple. Here’s some considerations.

Ouya: Oh yeah?

The open source gaming project on Kickstarter has generated a lot controversy. After raising over $5M, it is a clear run-away success as far as backing is concerned. However, as we are learning, the economics of the gaming console industry are not that simple.

Words to Live By: Data vs. Opinions

“If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.” – Jim Barksdale. The interwebs are all aflutter over the news of Google’s Marissa Mayer taking the CEO role at Yahoo! I haven’t seen so much excitement over a new hire since Jobs returned to Apple in…

5 Years of the iPhone

5 years ago, Apple released the iPhone. Without a doubt, it set the new bar for mobile and permanently changed consumer expectations for what mobile devices could be capable of. We now had a tool that could do much of what our desktop computers could do – and a lot more. In the meantime, numerous…