Social Supply Chain Management

Could social media used as an indicator for supply chain management? @ErnoLaszlo CEO Denton is onto something. By monitoring what consumers are saying about his products, he’s able to get a quick pulse on what’s selling and what isn’t. This isn’t a replacement for proper supply chain management but it certainly makes for a novel approach.

Facebook Organ Donor Status

The scale of Facebook enables so many potentially good things for humanity. Their Organ Donor Status lets users easily sign up with their appropriate registry and indicate it to their friends. It’s a smart way to get the word out and make a difference. The New York Times has a nice write-up on the idea.

Social Media is Like a Bar of Wet Soap

Social media is like a bar of wet soap. The harder you squeeze, the less control you have. The London 2012 Olympic committee have outlined what people will be able to access and publish through social networks during the Games. That’s all fine, but enforcing it is a fool’s errand.    

Niche Networks

Social networks used to be popularity contests, with few if any limits on the number of connections one could form. But even though technology enables us to expand our reach, can we really actively maintain a social network of more than around 150 people? I wrote about Dunbar’s Number a few years ago and it…

Social Media Law: Can Employers Ask For Your Facebook Password?

A disturbing new trend is emerging amongst employers asking job applicants for their Facebook logins and passwords. Presumably, they are doing this under the guise of background checks and think there’s nothing wrong with that. In this economy, I’m sure many applicants are reluctantly doing so thinking they won’t get the job if they don’t….

Staggering Social Growth

Sometimes you just need to sit back and let the admire the staggering numbers. Social is such a pervasive part of our digital lives, it won’t be long before it becomes embedded into every aspect of our lives.

Beyond Breaking the Ice

It’s the new year and everyone is making resolutions. One thing I’d like marketers to do is focus on moving past breaking the ice. Huh? What’s that? Every now and again, clients ask what the value of a Facebook Like, Foursquare check-in, or Twitter follower is. Digital strategists (myself included) have tried to quantify these…

Book Review: Grouped by Paul Adams

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Adams at a marketing conference earlier this year, where he gave a stirring lecture on the social web. Within a few minutes, the crowd was mesmerized and his talk was the highlight of the day. He delivered a clear message that there was promise for marketers in social,…

VideoInfographic: The World of Social Media

As we wrap up the year, social media continues its upward trajectory. Facebook now has over 800 million users, Twitter over 200 million. But beyond the numbers, the amount of energy and activity in social is all but impossible to ignore. Compounding the growth is the rapid rise of smartphone adoption, a trend that doesn’t…

Making Music Mobile

One of the smartest things about web services are the APIs, which let you take data or content from one service and wrap it up in experience from another service. Mashing services together often results in the whole being significantly greater than the sum of the parts. Take for instance, Instagr.am, which combines cool photo…