R/GA Adds Titanium Grand Prix to Its Cyber for Nike+ FuelBand

Yes! It was a fantastic week for R/GA at Cannes this year. Not only did the social breakout “One Copy Song” win numerous lions, we also claimed the Titanium Grand Prix for the revolutionary Nike+ FuelBand. Suffice it to say, I’m very proud to be working alongside some of the smartest, most dedicated and visionary…

Does the First Amendment Apply to Social?

Social media once again, is pushing the boundaries of free speech. A District Judge recently ruled that¬†clicking “like” on Facebook does not warrant protection under the First Amendment, also known as the right to freedom of speech. For years, U.S. laws have been continually tested time and time again, by new cases that often set…

Facebook Organ Donor Status

The scale of Facebook enables so many potentially good things for humanity. Their Organ Donor Status lets users easily sign up with their appropriate registry and indicate it to their friends. It’s a smart way to get the word out and make a difference. The New York Times has a nice write-up on the idea.

Social Media is Like a Bar of Wet Soap

Social media is like a bar of wet soap. The harder you squeeze, the less control you have. The London 2012 Olympic committee have outlined what people will be able to access and publish through social networks during the Games. That’s all fine, but enforcing it is a fool’s errand.    

Social Media Law: Can Employers Ask For Your Facebook Password?

A disturbing new trend is emerging amongst employers asking job applicants for their Facebook logins and passwords. Presumably, they are doing this under the guise of background checks and think there’s nothing wrong with that. In this economy, I’m sure many applicants are reluctantly doing so thinking they won’t get the job if they don’t….

Words of Wisdom: Chrissie Wellington on Perseverance

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”. I am a huge fan of 4x Ironman World Champion, Chrissie Wellington. She brings such a humble approach to life and is so relatable to so many people. Truer words have not been spoken.

Happiest Places in NYC

Do you know what places make you happy? A couple of data scientists have considered geolocation data and sentiment analysis to see what parts of New York City generate the happiest tweets. While this is a cursory attempt that isn’t statistically significant or survived peer review, the idea itself is enough to put a smile…

Nike+: The Future of Sport

Since the beginning of sport, athletes have strived to improve. From professionals down to weekend warriors, they are looking for ways to know how they are performing and how to perform better. Six years ago, Nike introduced Nike+, a way to measure speed and pace and make running fun again. Today, Nike is taking that…

Life is a sport. Make it count.

One of the best ways to motivate people to change behavior is setting goals that can be attained and rewarding them for doing more. Nike has taken a unique tack in the activity tracking space with the introduction of the Nike+ FuelBand, which measures all of your activity all day long in a new unit…

Samsung Smart Window

Just when you thought TV technology had plateaued with LED, 3-D and super slim cases. Samsung goes and throws everyone for a loop and takes things to a whole new level. This technology looks just like regular clear glass, but can become opaque and be used to display anything from video to artificial shades. Check…