The Second Screen is Now the First Screen

We’re getting deeper into the London 2012 Olympics and the interesting thing is how much social media is impacting mainstream coverage. Much of the exciting action is actually taking place away from the¬†field, track, court, or pool. It is happening on Twitter. From athletes being banned for controversial tweets to journalists being banned for criticizing TV coverage, we are truly experiencing the “socialympics” in full force.

Even mainstream media cannot ignore it and Twitter even is the official narrator of the games. Nearly every broadcast has some mention of athletes’ tweets or references to things going on in the social sphere. Some athletes even learn about what’s going on through the network quicker than traditional means.

Clearly, social media has become an integral part of the Olympics that is shaping our expectations and experience. And for many, due to tape delays, and our ever present mobile connections, the second screen is now the first screen we turn to to.


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