Using Social to Measure TV

It used to be that TV had its own set of traditional metrics, like CPMs and ratings. That was all fine until second screening came around and really raised the bar in terms of what TV viewing engagement really meant. While someone could turn on a TV and leave the room or skip all the commercials, it would still be counted the same as an active watcher. So brands are now using Twitter to capture an additional measure of success – tweets per second. This is emerging as a standard for how engaged your audience truly is. Those who are taking the time or energy to tweet about something on TV, or pay attention to others who are watching, are definitely a different breed.

Sports and second screening go together like peanut butter and jam. They’re natural fits that complement each other. So it’s no surprise that quick bursts of social chatter works well with consumers.  Last night’s Euro 2012 Championship between Spain and Italy was no exception, generating 15,000 tweets/second during the peak of the game, breaking the record for sports. The record across all categories is a recent telecast of Laputa: Castle in the Sky, with 25,000 tweets/second, directed by Hayou Miyazaki.

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