Future thinking: SoLoMo

I always look forward to Mary Meeker‘s analysis and insights ever since she began covering internet companies over 10 years ago at Morgan Stanley. Each year, she publishes a presentation on digital trends. She continues her broad industry analysis as a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers and her recent report on mobile trends echoes some of the same enthusiasm from the dotcom era. Perhaps the environment is different now and while some say we are again in another bubble phenomenon, the reality is much of the value creation in the internet space is at the intersection of mobile, social and local technologies. Flip through the presentation for a look into the future.Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends (Feb 2011)

There is one fundamental difference between the dotcom days and today: Instead of trying to create the smartest systems that personalize an individual experience, today’s approach is about relevant and contextual experience. Blending social features brings a dimension of humanity while location services add proximity to decision-making. The apps and tools are usually simple with a focus on feature excellence instead of number of features.

There’s nothing like hearing something from the source. Meeker recently visited the Google campus and presented her mobile trends research at their Think Mobile event.

[VIdeo] Mary Meeker, Google’s Dennis Woodside, President of Americas Operations, and Jason Spero, Head of Americas Mobile Advertising.


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