RFID in Shoes

A few years ago, I was working on an anti-counterfeiting project and RFID was an option under consideration. At the time, the RFID industry thinking was primarily around supply chain management, security and other tracking-related activities. However, when I realized RFID tags could be unique, some marketing opportunities clicked in my head. Imagine registering your new product by scanning them in store and attaching it to your customer profile. Many years ago,

Many years ago, Prada pioneered the use of RFID in retail, incorporating it into its flagship SoHo store. Each item of clothing had a unique tag, and when brought together in a changing room, would display the clothes on models as well as in a collection. Neat idea and ahead of its time.Fast-forward to the present and a few developments have corroborated, which may make for a tipping point in RFID in marketing applications. The economies s and sophistication of tags along with consumer appetite for connected devices has lead WeSC (We are Superlative Conspiracy) to develop a prototype shoe that uses RFID tags to connect people via social networks. These include:

  • Gaining access to special events
  • Registering shoes at retail stores
  • Connecting to friends on social networks
  • Checking into social venues
  • Tracking participation in scavenger hunts

When combined with location-based services, RFID-enabled shoes could yield a whole new class of connected devices that could bring another dimension to mobile computing.

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