Social App Overload

Seems like there’s no shortage of social sites, apps and tools these days. It’s only the middle of the week and I just got hooked onto Yammer, a relatively new private Twitter-like network for your company. We’ll have to see if I can get us to a tipping point of users and take advantage of the network effect.

In the meantime, I’ve lost track of all the apps I have running to keep track of everyone. Let’s see what I typically have running in the background:

Trillian: Work and personal MSN, AIM, YIM
TweetDeck: Twitter, Facebook status updates
Yammer client: Work-related “yams”
MS Communicator: Work colleague IM’s

Whoa, talk about application overload. (Maybe this is why my computer is so slow.) But this doesn’t even cover Flickr or RSS feeds. I’ve been thinking that it’d be nice to have a SINGLE multi-platform (read Adobe Air) app that could rule them all and have an open architecture that could extend to future uses.

Fallon, the advertising agency, has come up with something close called Skimmer. They call it a “lifestreaming thing” and it’s a great effort at trying to consolidate your social life into a single app. Worth taking a look at if you’re looking to simplify your life.

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